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Choose Your Own Adventure: Bureaucracy Edition

Choose Your Own Adventure: Bureaucracy Edition is an interactive storytelling experience like no other... because no other storytelling experiences involve this many forms. 

This adventure in administration was born out of the improvised celebration of the mundane, 'Dullprov Present an Evening of Subject Matter', a cabaret of banality. 

Since then, Adventure Administrator Helen has developed more tales to delight and dismay, and seeks to find the childlike joy in the everyday inconveniences of adult life. Inconveniences like automated phone systems, never-ending security questions and spelling mistakes in your promo picture...

Audiences are invited to choose their ownadventure in this interactive story game which blends together exciting quests, stand up comedy and incorrigible systems and processes. 

It'll be fun, honestly.

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14+ May contain bad language or adult themes... It's really up to you, it's your adventure. Latecomers may not be admitted. Ticket purchases are non refundable.