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Hyde & Seek


Written by Ben Old Field (Cube Essential Theatre) 

Performed by Michael Tonkin-Jones (Pipeline Theatre’s ‘Spillikin: A Love Story’

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April at 7pm

One performer. Seven characters. 500+ light & sound cues. No technician. 

Using touch sensitive props and innovative lighting the entire show hinges on one man and some rather fantastic tech.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Set in the murky gothic world of cobbled streets and gas-lit lamp posts of R.L.Stevenson’s timeless allegory on duality this is far from a mere retelling. Charismatic stage doorman Albert met both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Now, years later, in the crumbling ruins of the theatre he’s inviting you to hear the story of what really happened behind the scenes. 

Fast paced, intimate and lavishly visual story-telling. A vaudevillian ghost story with puppets, song, technical wizardry and of course… danger!

'Hyde and Seek is a beautifully crafted piece of theatre, and a lesson in the art of storytelling. It had us laughing, crying and - literally - jumping out of our seats with fear- often at the same time.’ (‘Hyde & Seek’) - Mark Creese, RCH Radio 


‘Tonkin-Jones performance as a lovestruck, robot-obsessed teenage Raymond is uncomfortably truthful.’ (‘Spillikin: A Love Story’  by Pipeline Theatre) -Alice Saville, Exeunt Magazine 

Earlier Event: 20 April
Hyde & Seek