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Accalia Arts Festival: Monstrous


Accalia Arts Festival: Monstrous

written & directed by Alexandra Ricou

a weekend of one-woman shows

Saturday 15th June at 2pm

Hera is angry, but she's been trying her best to get past it.

She has a therapist, she's read all the mindfulness books she can find in her local library, she goes to yoga everyday and she drinks more green tea than even Gwyneth Paltrow could stomach.

Yet still that deep seated rage twists in her guts like a pit of vipers. Then again, when you're an Ancient Greek goddess, being filled with an unquenchable wrath comes with the territory. Perhaps it's time to have a little vent... but is the world ready for 3000 years worth of anger?


Twitter: @alexandra_ricou

Instagram: @alexandra_ricou  

Running time: 60mins

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